Great Witness Weekend Invitation

Contact Name: Wally Snook


Details: (continued)

Here's a little evaluation by some of the Silverdale folks:

"Most of all, the weekend was about hearing people tell their stories about what Jesus has done in their lives. Each segment of the weekend began with worship, a sharing by the team leader and then small group sessions. The Silverdale team prepared for this ministry by praying for each other, for new vision of what Christ has done in their lives, and also prayer for the Ritzville congregation. What an incredible time this was. By Saturday night all of us had expected to be exhausted; instead we were amazed at how refreshed and renewed we felt. Everyone who participated was incredibly blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit and with the amazing sense of unity between all of us whom God had drawn together. People commented on the feeling of being ‘family’ between all of the participants and also a fresh joy in Jesus."

The principal purpose of the Wesleyan Covenant Connection is to connect United Methodists for Mission, Evangelism and Discipleship. We want to network with like-minded Christians and especially have congregations meet together for mutual support and spiritual renewal. Our plan is to help encourage pastors and congregations to connect and help to eliminate the negative feelings of isolation and defeat. We?re stronger together!

If you are even the slightest bit interested in a "church to church" spiritual experience, the Wesleyan Covenant Connection would like to hear from you.