Great Witness Weekend Invitation

Contact Name: Wally Snook



Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have believing members of another church come to your church to share their faith on a "Great Witness Weekend"? Or how about believing members of your church going to another church to share their faith with talks in small groups on a "Great Witness Weekend"?

The model for this wonderful weekend spiritual renewal experience was developed and applied on April 30-May 2 for Silverdale UMC and Ritzville UMC by the WESLEYAN COVENANT CONNECTION.

It works! Your church can become a sending or a receiving church! Our intention and hope is to help bring two congregations together on a weekend so that both congregations experience spiritual renewal. At present we are limiting our involvement to the east and west side of Washington State.

To learn more about the Great Witness Weekend experience, please send an email to and include one of the following in your email:

  • I am interested in knowing more about a Great Witness Weekend
  • I am interested in our church becoming a "receiving" church
  • I am interested in our church becoming a "sending" church