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Great Witness Weekend Success Stories

Ritzville to Fowler - February 10-12: Greetings from Fowler GWW it was a great success and the ones that completed the weekend were greatly enriched by the sharing time in small groups. I feel a greater bond with Ritzville and I know Fowler does. Although numbers were not as large as we would like to see at Fowler the ones that came were truly inspired to share their stories. Question now is not to lose what we have gained and continue the bonding and training for our next step in our walk with Christ.

This weekend we connected with Olive Branch Church that meets at Fowler Sunday evenings, Ritzville, Silverdale, Reardan, and Jim and Vivian Moore for the one subject, sharing with each other. Six different churches in one place to share Jesus and our relationship with Him is truly amazing that a group of lay and pastors would put this weekend together only for the love of Christ. Amen---Dick Thompson

Silverdale to Woodinville – February 10-12: Small groups were the highlight of the Great Witness Weekend in Woodinville! Besides inspiring guidance from Kathy Cosner, our leader, many decisions were made in response to the question “If there was one thing you could change in your life, what would it be?” Commitments were made to change lives, live more for Christ, and even commitments to help and support one another in our daily Christian life. Some made covenants to hold one another accountable. Both churches experienced renewal…there is hope for our churches!

St John to Silverdale - March 9-11: Both the St John folks and the Silverdale congregation were inspired to deepen their faith and live as disciples of Jesus Christ. Although there were smaller numbers because of other church activities, the small groups were the highlight of the weekend. Silverdale had been a “sending” church and this was their opportunity to hear faith stories of the dear people of St John UMC. Decisions were made to change, bringing renewal to the church!

St John and Ritzville to Benton City – February 15-17, 2013: The following statement is part of an article following the Benton City Great Witness Weekend written by Board Member Dick Thompson: “We shared how we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior and told our stories of what Jesus has done for us and protected us even when we did not know he was in our lives. I do not know if lives were changed but I do know lives were renewed as we all opened up and shared with each other how God has been with us since our birth. It is a very good thing when Churches connect with other Churches for we do not stand alone when it comes to sharing Christ. I now know people in Benton City I would never have known if it was not for the weekend I just experienced.”

“Thank you for letting me share this good news of making Disciples for Jesus Christ.”