Two threads of activity led to the formation of Methodist Evangelical Covenant Connection (MECC): one of United Methodist laity and the other was of United Methodist clergy.

In 1994 David Parker and other evangelical clergy in the Spokane District began a clergy cluster. They met once a month to pray, worship and discuss Wesley's sermons. The cluster called themselves The Wesley Fellowship. From the beginning they discussed ways to make a difference in the annual conference.

One of those ways came in 1999. Following the 1998 annual conference, David Parker called together the Wesley Fellowship to share an idea he had - an evangelical convocation. The stated purpose of the convocation was: "to convene United Methodists who desire to grow in, and live out, their life in the Wesleyan evangelical tradition and spirit." This first convocation was held at Lazy F Camp with Dr. William Abraham of Perkins School of Theology. Twenty-one clergy supported the event. Fifty&$045;five persons attended it.

Because of General Conference 2000, the next convocation wasn't held until 2001. David Parker was now pastor at Central United Protestant Church in Richland, and that became the site of future convocations. The number of persons listed in the brochure as supporters increased to thirty-three, and several of them were lay persons. One hundred twelve people registered for the event, and half of them were laity. This event attracted a number of evangelical clergy from the Oregon-Idaho Conference and one from the Cal-Nevada Conference.